6 outstanding digital marketing podcasts I never miss

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6 outstanding digital marketing podcasts I never miss

digital marketing podcasts

I rarely wear big necklaces anymore. I used to until the advent of Bluetooth headphones which now occupy prime shoulder real estate. Although I occasionally use them for calls, their main purpose is for listening to the long list of digital marketing podcasts I am subscribed to.  I do of course listen to other topics as well. Mostly comedy, technology and news, but that’s for another post.  For now here are the:

6 Digital marketing podcasts I listen to – and why  you should too:

(in no particular order)

1. Digital Marketing Podcast

This is one of the very first digital marketing podcasts I listened to on a regular basis. The hosts Daniel Rowles and Ciaran Rogers are incredibly easy to listen to, which is good as most episodes consist of just the two of them chatting away about experiences and issues they encounter with their clients. What I like is that they often discuss tools they’ve been testing. My personal favourite tip was in episode 143 that taught me how to publish uʍop ǝpᴉsdn ʇxǝʇ.
As the episodes are not published on a regular schedule it’s always a pleasant surprise when they pop-up in my library. The length is also not standard and varies between 11 and 30 minutes on average.
Who should listen?: Anyone with an interest in online marketing, regardless of skill level.

Social Media Marketing Michael Stelzner2. Social Media Examiner

Hosted by Michael Stelzner, the show airs weekly, and episodes last approximately 45 minutes. As the name implies, the focus is almost entirely on social media. Michael and his guests do a fantastic job of keeping listeners up-to-date on all the latest changes in the very fluid world of social media. Whether it’s discussing advanced Facebook custom audiences using Google tag manager or live video strategies, his shows are always engaging and most of all very informative. Luckily the show notes are very comprehensive so you can listen on-the-go and refer back to them later.
Who should listen?: Marketers, entrepreneurs and business owners looking to deepen their understanding of social media.

Pro Blogger Darren Rowse3. Pro Blogger

Considering how long I’ve been writing for digital, I discovered Darren Rowse’s weekly podcast on blogging relatively late. Luckily his content stands the test of time considering how quickly things change in the virtual world. He recently hit the 200-episodes mark on which occasion he talked about everything he learned producing 200 podcast episodes. Darren is also an excellent public speaker, which explains how he manages to keep listeners hooked even after so many shows on a single topic – blogging. Episode length varies with each show.
Who should listen? Bloggers (obviously), copywriters, content marketers and entrepreneurs writing their own content.

4. Marketing School

A daily podcast hosted by Neil Patel and Eric Siu that, as they say, delivers actionable marketing advice. Episodes are now past the 300 mark so there is plenty to catch-up on. Furthermore, the show notes are time-stamped transcripts so if you prefer, go ahead and read rather than listen to the content. As each episode is short and concise (less than 10 minutes) they manage to cover a huge array of topics from learning how to contribute to well-known publications to leveraging ads on Quora. Being so short means these are not “lessons” but rather a way of introducing you to a topic you might want to explore in more detail on your own.
Who should listen? Anyone. Episodes are short and snappy, and topics are so varied there is something for everyone.

5. Perpetual Traffic

This is a podcast that is so packed with technical details on social media that I only listen if I have time to hear it to the end. Even then, I’ll often refer to the show notes. Published weekly (Tuesdays), episodes last on average between 30-40 minutes, and unlike most podcasts, are hosted by a trio from Digital Marketer (the company behind the podcast): Keith Krance, Molly Pittman and Ralph Burns. They deliver highly detailed and researched episodes, often with guests who are experts in their fields. Many episodes focus on new Facebook features and high traffic campaign strategies.
Who should listen? Social media managers and anyone with an interest in the technicalities of social media campaigns and audiences. Especially good for anyone keen on Facebook advertising.

6. Octopus Digital Strategy

Although host Naser Sahlool broadcast the last episode on May 1st, I am including this gem of a podcast in this list because a) I am still making my way through the 103 episodes in which he does not say goodbye, b) it is a truly excellent show that ought to be listened to by anyone keen on digital strategy. There aren’t many other podcasts about digital in which you’ll hear Machiavelli, Jack Kerouac and Sun Tzu referenced.  Unlike many other podcasts, Naser is not plugging products, exhibitions or ads. His voice is smooth and calm, delivering insightful opinions about digital strategies adopted around the world – sometimes with guests scattered around the globe.
Who should listen? Everyone. Even if you are not completely immersed in the world of digital marketing and strategy, you are impacted by it.

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